Largest Employers in the Southeast [By State]

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

When working on completing your education or making career transitions, the goal of where you will be employed and in what position is always at the forefront of your mind. Some may have their goals written out in a formal type of way, and others are just trying to "pin down" what they really want in a career. Maybe you have a state that you want to live and work in already picked out or you know the career field but not where or who you want to be employed by.

Facts Not Opinions has done some of the research for you regarding the largest employers in the southeast.The following listing of the employers in the Southeast will give you a great resource to start seeking your career employment opportunities across the region.

employment opportunities in the southeast US


The total list of the top employers in Alabama can be found here.


A complete list of the top employers in Florida is listed here.

employment opportunities in the southeast US


  • Coca-Cola - A soft drink company that has 830,000 employees globally and employs 130,000 in Georgia.

  • AFLAC - Insurance provider that employs 465,000 and 70% are women.

  • UPS - Package delivery service. Employment figures are listed at 395,000.

  • Home Depot - Building supply stores, and employ more than 300,000 nationwide.

  • Delta Airlines - Air transportation services, and employs 80,000.

This list of the top employers for Georgia can be found here.


For a complete list of companies see this link.


For a list of top employers in Mississippi, you can look here.

North Carolina

d investment company, who employ 10,000.

A more complete list of top employers in North Carolina can be viewed here

South Carolina

medical center specializing in the healthcare of children. 

See an extended list at Livability.


bile manufacturer, employing over 5,000.

  • M* Modal - Provide conversational documentation for the medical industry. 

Also, see this list at Newsmax.


See the list at Livability.

West Virginia

unt retailer. 2.2 million people work for them in the US.

For a list of 10 see list at WV news.

I hope this gives you a great start on your career search opportunities.

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