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Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Hey Everyone - due to EXTREMELY popular demand, I'm going to share our roller coaster ride with the Coronavirus aka Covid-19...which will start with the first day of showing symptoms.

Let's start out by saying, this global pandemic hit us hard, y’all (Yes, we're from Georgia). It hit us hard in multiple ways, especially from a small business owner's perspective to now personally.

Don't worry, I wont get into too many opinions or politics here (unless you egg me on) as most of you that know me well understand I'm 100% politically independent, as I hate being put in a box.

...back to our Covid story timeline!

This is written from 2 different perspectives. I am the first half and my wife Megan and son Jack are the second.

Spoiler alert - my 4 month old and I had it the worst and my wife and 2 year old came out relatively unscathed, except Megan lost her sense of taste and smell... and it hasn't returned as of yet.

Hope you can follow along!

Carlos' Covid Experience

Age : 33 Any Underlying Medical Conditions? No

We had a weekend trip at Bent Tree in Jasper GA lake 7/2 - 7/5

6/27- My Father-in-law (FIL) helped us mow the lawn and hung out with the boys.

6/28- FIL developed a sore throat and a fever so he went to an urgent care. No symptoms the day prior. Tested him for strep and Covid. He tested positive for strep and was given antibiotics.

7/3- FIL was feeling better for the most part. We all know that strep isn’t contagious after 24 hours of antibiotics, so we were all ok with seeing him.

7/4 - Megan received a call from my mother-in-law very early in the morning that my FIL was positive for Covid. My MIL began with symptoms this day as well (tired and dizzy), and immediately went to get tested.

7/05 - My FIL ends up going to the hospital. He has a pre-existing condition and had trouble breathing and was admitted. He's had no fever since the urgent care visit. I am on the lake extremely weak paddle boarding and have developed a weird dry cough with no mucus.

7/06 - I woke up extremely weak and drove for about 2 hours to the airport and back, and was extremely dizzy. It was a weird pulse-like dizziness that would shift my eyesight from left to right for just a second each time. I laid down, my fever was 100.8 for a couple hours, and my spine and kidneys ached. I had constant goosebumps and chills constantly. My FIL had a dry cough and oxygen saturation below the recommended 90-100% .

7/07- I woke up, dry cough almost gone, but kidneys, spine and lower right back are aching internally. All of the testing sites have run out of Covid rapid tests 30 miles out. One rapid test was available supposedly the next day, however it would be $180 per person as the place does not take insurance. We scheduled a regular 5 day test for 2:40pm in Woodstock Ga Rec Center. Finally was able to work from home, but only for a couple hours.

7/08- Constant Hot and Cold/Chills but thankfully temp remained at 98 degrees. Kidneys very sore (or something on lower right of back), still can’t bend to the right without hurting. Went to scheduled test site 10 minutes early (2:30pm) and there were police cars blocking our entrance saying they’re done with testing for the rest of the day. They said that the best bet is to come back “without rescheduling and hope to get in”. We immediately call the testing facility and they said they aren’t out of tests, but they can’t control what the Woodstock city police do. They said the only other appointment is Friday 08/10 at 1pm.

7/09 - We tested our luck and arrive at the same testing facility at 8AM the following day and there were already 3 rows of cars, but we were able to get tested. Obviously, the test sucked.

I’m feeling fine, just tired, found out a friend I hung out with a week ago now has Covid and other family members are developing symptoms.

I start feeling better - kidney and spine aches are completely gone. Worked 10 hours on computer. FIL is better and finally out of hospital. Due to age and preexisting conditions they monitored his oxygen saturation and made him stay extra. He finally remained regular 90%+ oxygen saturation. My MIL lost her taste and feels tired/drained.

7/10- I still get randomly tired and lost my taste / smell. No other symptoms. Kicked the soccer ball a bit with my 2 year old that is going insane being quarantined. Worked 8-10 hours on the computer.

7/11- No taste, I have a strong cough that knocks me on my knees at times. Finally convinced myself to go to the ER. Called a nurse friend and thankfully she told me to go to Northside Hospital, instead of Kennestone (a couple miles from my house) as she heard Kennestone was extremely packed today.

I drove myself, walked in, did not have to wait to get a room and got xrays on my lungs. Everything looked great except for my inflamed lungs, typical of Covid. I was prescribed an inhaler, 500mg Naproxen, and Azithromycin.

I now felt much better. If I wouldn’t have gone to the hospital, per doctor, it would have most likely turned into pneumonia or bronchitis. (So get your lungs tested asap if you feel chest pains)

I’ve still not received results back from Covid test from 7/9. Doc said regardless of what the test says I definitely have Covid.

7/12- Lungs still feel weak, but no pain when I cough anymore which is great. Was hit again with massive exhaustion around noon and passed out for 4 hours. MIL remained with mild symptoms and never received anything else.

7/13 - I feel fine. Just a cough. Jack’s 4 month doc visit is today and we gave the doctor a heads up about me possibly having Covid and other family members with Covid. They said it’s fine.

Jack has not stopped crying. We end up going to Urgent Care bc he was inconsolable, but their Covid tests take 8 days and they highly suggested us to go to Scottish Rite in Atlanta, which is only a 20 min drive to do a catheter test and rapid Covid test.

Corona test confirmed positive within minutes and Jack was admitted overnight.

I checked our results. As expected, I’m positive, but Megan came back negative.

7/16- Coughing up blood with mucus.

Throat is sore from coughing. After all the medical bills and some Googling, I decided to wait it out if it happens for multiple days. Luckily around 7/20 I was 99% back to normal. No aches, no pains, but gained weight! (Covid actually increased my appetite.)

Megan Perspective (time is going to overlap)

Megan AGE: 33, Jack 4 Months Old, Charlie 2 Years Old Any Underling Conditions: No

Corona Symptoms In Children ( Our son Jack vs Charlie )

7/11- Our 4 month old baby was very irritable. He’s usually chill, easy-going, and always smiling, but he was extra fussy and high maintenance. Carlos is still feeling pretty horrible, and has a coughing fit which landed him in the ER. Luckily our best friend is a nurse there and she was able to get him seen quickly. Fast forward to bedtime, and our son will not settle down. He cried for hours on end. Our hearts broke for him, but he’s also teething, so we attributed his fussiness to that. We all barely slept that night.

7/12- The baby is still not ok. He’s even more fussy, and now he’s running a temp. Again, these are all signs of teething, and he’s certainly teething, so we hold him and try to console him. He hated being put down, but Carlos couldn’t hold him because he was sick, so 48 hours of straight crying was getting to me, but we had a well check for him on Monday, so I kept telling myself to power through until his morning appointment. That night was long too.

7/13- Longest day of my life. We went to the baby’s appointment and he cried the entire time. I told the pediatrician about our exposure before we arrived, and they agreed I could come in, just had to wear a mask. They took his temp and it was 98.6 and everything else was good, he just would not stop crying. He was given 2 boosters and we went home.

Around 3:00 that afternoon he was still not right and his temp was at 102.8. I attributed that to the shots he received, but did make a call to the doctor, and they said to just monitor him and give him some Tylenol. We did all of that to no avail. We checked his temp again and it was still very high and we just knew something else was going on.

We decided to take him to the CHOA in Kennesaw, but due to Covid, only one of us could go, so I went in with him (for obvious reasons). Upon learning of his exposure, they rushed him back immediately. They checked his temp and it was still 102.5 even after the Tylenol over a hour prior. The doctor checked him out, and suggested we take him to Scottish Rite immediately because of how inconsolable he was. They offered us a transport because I couldn’t drive, rightfully so, was a total mess, so I called my husband and he was there in 10 minutes.

The rules of Covid still applied at the hospital, of course, so we said our goodbyes and I went in with our baby. This was at 6PM.

We were seen immediately, thankfully. Due to our exposure the doctor suggested giving him a rapid test for Covid, which I agreed to. If you know of the test, or have had it done, it’s less than enjoyable, but that’s the only option we have right now. The nurse came in with a 6” long q-tip that she had to stick up into his nose. And we all know babies have extremely small nostrils, so I turned and while holding his hands down and head still to make she she could get a good sample on the first try.

At this point jack has been crying for nearly 48 hours straight, and this test sent him over the edge. There was nothing that would keep him calm, and he had started vomiting at this point, so I was told I needed to stop feeding him, even though that was the only thing slightly relaxing him.

It was beyond heartbreaking.

Due to his high fever that would not go down with Tylenol, they started an IV. That was agonizing to watch. Obviously he’s only 4 months old so his veins are not visible like ours are, so they shine a light under his wrists to illuminate his tiny veins. They poked him on both wrists, his elbow creases, and the top of his foot until they were finally successful on the top of his right wrist.

I find out at CHOA that I’m negative for the virus and Carlos is positive via a text from Carlos who was checking our results on the COVID Georgia website.

At 9:30PM we were told he was positive for Covid-19. We never thought we would hear those words about our 4 month old baby.

They wanted to get blood work done as well, so the poking started again. It was terrible to witness and be unable to help in anyway at all. He was utterly exhausted at this point and you could just hear his cries were out of pure discomfort, pain, and complete exhaustion. Three phlebotomy teams including a doctor came in to draw blood to no avail, and finally we were sent a literal angel who did it on the first try. This is now 1:30AM.

7/14- Around 2:00AM we were sent to radiology for a chest X-ray, and thankfully enough, his oxygen was never in question and his scans came back perfect.

We are finally escorted to our room at 3:30AM on an isolation floor. The room was fine, I had a pullout couch and my own bathroom. They gave me a menu and told me I can call and order food, and it will be delivered to me, but I can’t leave the room at all. I get it! I was just so happy to see a bed and a shower. Which I will note, I was allowed to shower, they didn’t allow my dad to shower when he was hospitalized with Covid.

The staff was amazing and so kind. Some wore the full protective gear, some didn’t. I finally got jack asleep around 4, and I got some from about 5-6:30 when morning rounds came in. They do say hospitals aren’t for rest.

The doctor came by early to go over some labs, and they all come back good but he did say we had to stay overnight bc his fever was not gone and he was still very inconsolable. Jacks fever was at 100 which was good news, considering the nights leading up, and the fact he was maintaining his own temp, because at this point the Tylenol had worn off.

He took a great turn around 2 in the afternoon where he got his temp down to normal without any Tylenol since the night before in the ER. He was smiling and acting more like himself compared to the 4 days prior.

7/15- We are going home! The doctor came by for rounds and based on the labs taken in the middle of the night (those sucked) he’s sending us home! He hadn’t had a fever in 24 hours so he felt confident is sending us on our way.

Upon getting home, my amazing mom and dad are fortunate enough to have another home at the lake so we went up there to quarantine while our house was getting Covid cleaned and our carpets deep cleaned. We just wanted that virus to be GONE!

7/16 --- 7/18 - We have nice family time at the lake house and just relax after the chaos. This is when I lose my sense of taste and smell.

7/18 -- Current - We are in the clear and so happy to be on the other side of this.

Wow, if you finished that bravo! We just thought we would share our Covid story with you all since so many are curious.

Vacation Plans Cancelled Due to Covid with No Refund

Be cautious booking through VRBO

In the midst of this, we had a family vacation planned to Santa Rosa Beach, July 14th-18th, which we obviously didn’t go to. Ironically enough, the management company Costal Dreamin is refusing any refund even though they were given over 3 week heads up about my FIL even before we were all positive. Even with the surging numbers in Florida, Costal Dreamin and VRBO did not care at all that 6 of the 10 guests that were supposed to come, were also Covid positive. In fact, they encouraged us to come.

So let's say we ended up going? Would Costal Dreamin have paid for a Coronavirus cleaning or would they have just not let anyone know?

This lack of concern with rental guests from VRBO and rental management companies may be a factor that continues the spread of this virus...especially in Florida.

Not Allowed To Transfer Rental or Reschedule

We tried to share the rental dates for the house on Facebook and received the email below from Costal Dreamin saying that we cannot transfer the reservation to ANYONE (even though no background checks are done)... then a couple days later, after numerous phone calls, we received an email from VRBO saying our "extenuating circumstances" didn't meet the cancellation policy.

So next time you think of renting from VRBO, just don't -- or at least make sure we are not in the midst of a global pandemic.

Our Summary

At the end of the day, this is a virus and it will run its course.

Thankfully, we got out of Covid unscathed, but please be aware, whether you think Covid is overly publicized or not, a conspiracy to take down Trump, or a distraction from Epstein & Maxwell's child sex trafficking ring, this virus is very real and has killed a plethora of people worldwide.

While numerous people have come out with mild or no symptoms, others do get hit extremely hard. If you plan on still not wearing a mask, please at least continue to be respectful to others, especially the elderly and other mask wearers. Continue to wash your hands and remain quarantined if you start getting any type of symptoms. Luckily, nurses and doctors have gained valuable life saving info since March, but there is still much that is unknown (Confirmed by 2 doctors).

Regardless, we are finally happy to be on the other side! Comment below with any questions! We’d love to answer them!

Remember y’all, this too shall pass!

We want to greatly thank everyone that helped us and supported our family throughout the whole experience. You all are freaking awesome!

Carlos & Megan Crameri

Have your own Coronavirus symptom experience? Please reach out and share your covid symptoms timeline with us!

Carlos Crameri is the Co-founder of, a non-profit educational research organization. He is also the founder of - An Atlanta SEO Marketing Company

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