Coronavirus Statistics 25 Largest Countries in the World  

Largest 25 Countries Covid-19 by Population %

Percentage of population that has covid-19. This metric is useful in seeing how well a country is containing a virus. This metric controls for population.


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U.S. Covid-19 New Cases Per Week

This is a timeline of Covid-19 in the United States (updated weekly). This shows curve of cases. 

U.S. Covid-19 New Deaths Per Week

This is a timeline of Covid-19 in the United States (updated weekly). This shows curve of deaths. Once contracted there is an average of 3–6 weeks before death. It can take several weeks for death certificates to be submitted and processed, there is on average a delay of 1–2 weeks before they are reported.


Total Number of Reported Coronoavirus Cases Globally in the largest 25 countries

The total number of Covid-19 cases. This chart shows overall numbers and does not control for population.

New Coronavirus Cases in last 7 Days Globally in the largest 25 countries

The overall growth of Coronavirus in countries over the last 7 days (updated weekly). It demonstrates current growth and is an indicator of new cases.


Deaths From Covid-19 

Largest 25 Countries

Deaths From Covid-19 by Age 

Largest 25 Countries

This chart shows the total number of Covid-19 deaths in each country (updated daily). This is an overall number and does not control for population. 

This chart shows the percentage of Covid-19 deaths in the U.S by age. 


Deaths per 100, 000 from Covid-19

Largest 25 Countries

Deaths per 100,000 shows the death in each country based on the population. This allows a comparison between countries with different population sizes. 

Global Deaths From Pandemics

Covid-19 compared to other pandemics and the flu/influenza globally. 

U.S. Deaths From Pandemics

Covid-19 compare to other pandemics and the flu/influenza in the U.S. Here is a link to an article that discusses other pandemics including, smallpox, black death, cholera, yellow fever, Spanish flu, HIV/AIDS and Swine Flu.


 U.S.A Population Percentage

 U.S.A Coronavirus Percentage

 U.S.A Coronavirus Death Percentage

 Deaths from Flu Weekly

 2019 & 2020 





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